Making The Right First Impression With Your API Developer Signup Email

I sign up for a lot of APIs, and I am always surprised at what I see, or don't see, when I first signup for an API service. Personally I really enjoy the ones that have a simple, getting started formula to their signup emails. I signed up for Rosette a text analytics API yesterday, and I thought their registration email was a good example of this.

This is all I do in the space, is explore, and experience the various APIs available today, and share my thoughts about what I see. I'm looking to organize these elements, into best practices that I can share with other companies as they work on their own strategies. Oh, I also look to apply some of these to my own operations -- I know my registration process needs some love too.

Eventually I will pull together the best of the signup / registration emails I get, and pull together a best practices checklist, that can be used as guide for setting up your own email format. Let me know if you need help in this area, and I'll expedite this work.