I Am Working With @HitchHQ Team To Help API Providers Build Their Communities

I'm always on the hunt for like-minded folks who I can partner with, and bring needed products, services, and tools to the API space. If someone is selling something to the API space, its likely I have had a conversation with them about the sector at some point. I always enjoy these regular encounters, but its the handful of them that continue, and evolve into deeper relationships that I enjoy the most.

One of most recent relationship which I have been cultivating, is with a new API startup called Hitch. I have a long history with both the founders Bruno Pedro (@bpedro) and Luke Miller (@lukeam), in their previous lives with API Changelog and 3Scale, but began talking with them more heavily bout their vision for Hitch earlier this year. I have spent considerable time with Luke and Bruno discussing the current state of the API life cycle, from design to deprecation, helping contribute to their vision and road map in any way that I can.

As Hitch prepares to shift into higher gear, helping API providers build community, the Hitch team asked me to join the team in an advisory capacity. I am always happy to share my thoughts, experience, and views on the space, but I'm stoked for the opportunity to help advise them on their road map. As Hitch evolves, you'll hear me tell more stories about the solutions they are bringing to the API life cycle. I'm hoping I can influence what they bring to the API life cycle, while also using them as another valuable source of stories about the API space. 

Hitch is just getting going so there isn't much for me to focus on yet, but I'm looking forward to continue sharing my research with the team, to help them in any way I can. I just wanted to put it out there that I was involved, and turn up the volume my public storytelling about building community, and the API life cycle in preparation for what Hitch is bringing to table. I'm looking forward to being part of what is cooking over at Hitch--stay tuned!