What Are The Most Relevant API Topics To Discuss At @APIStrat in Boston This Fall?

We are picking up speed with the planning for @APIStrat in Boston this November, and with the event committee assembled, and the call for talks open, we are looking at what the possible topics are for sessions. We have seeded the list with the usual suspects like API design, management, testing, monitoring, and others, but we want to also consider what the alternative topics are, and what is relevant to the API sector in 2016. 

What is most important to you in 2016? Is it the trendier topics like bots, voice, and IoT? Is it more practical things like evangelism, versioning, and discovery? Is it the technical, business, or politics of APIs that are impacting your operations most in 2016? If you want to come and present on it, make sure you submit your talk by May 20th. Otherwise you are welcome to tweet at us, email at us, write a blog post, commit to a Github repo, or any other way you desire--we'll add into the mix, for the event committee to review.

It is a lot of work to make sure @APIStrat keeps reflecting the wider API movement after 3 years, and we depend on you keeping us informed. I'm enjoying the fact that we are only doing one event this year, as it is giving us more lead time to engage in discussions with the community, and continue making it an inclusive event. Another thing I'd like to hear about from y'all, is what is relevant to Boston, something I'm sure I will learn more about as I continue my profiling of Boston area businesses. 

Let me know your thoughts please!