The API Evangelist API Deployment Guide

There are many different ways to actually deploy an API. If you are a larger, more established company, you probably have existing tools, services, and processes set forth by IT for deploying APIs. If you are a startup, your developers probably have their own frameworks, or possibly a cloud service they prefer using. This guide looks to map out the world of API deployment, and some of the common ways companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies are deploying APIs in 2016.

This API deployment guide breaks out many of the common companies, and tools while also looking to identify some of the common building blocks employed by leading providers, in support of API deployment across organizations of all shapes and sizes. This research is conducted by API Evangelist and is the just aspect of a modern API lifecycle, one that includes over 50 stops, from API design to deprecation, with deployment being just one area you should be considering.

I work to update my guides regularly, and if purchase a copy, you'll get any updates to it for the next year. Every reader of API Evangelist guides helps support this research and enables the work to continue--thank you!