Oracle vs Google: APIs Are Kind Of Hard To Understand

One of the things that stood out for me reading through the Oracle v Google trial coverage today was Sarah Jeong's acknowledging how APIs are kind of hard to understand, and is something that is casting a shadow over the case -- something that is probably my top concern.

Also pointing out what I think is true of the Oracle legal team:

While this might be more about bringing things down to a lower level for "normals", I think it still represents how difficult it is for people to grok what APIs are:

Then continuing with more of the skeuomorph theater:

Then I guess we need to make some API calls? IDK

None of which I think is helping anyone involved:

I agree with with Sarah. She's a super smart chick, and if all the theater is confusing her, I can only imagine what effect it will have on the jury. What is code, what is API, what is definition, and what actually runs, or is there to enable and facilitate interoperability is blurry when you are in the game--I cannot even image anymore what it is like for the normals.

The only thing that keeps me optimistic in all of this is the possibility for some API literacy lessons for the masses, amidst all the theater. I guess we have to see how it goes and hope there are more opportunities to help folks understand what APIs actually are.