Providing Additional Support Options For Your API In Your Twitter Bio

As I was writing up a story on Mailjet tweeting out the iPaaS opportunities around their email API, I noticed their Twitter bio. It is subtle, but having spent a great deal of time looking for the support channels for an API, this is a potentially huge time saver. It is what I do best, discovering these simple, subtle things that the successful API providers are doing.

I always encourage API providers to use Twitter as a support channel because it doesn't just provide support, it also is a public demonstration that you give a shit about your API consumers, and will actively work to help them solve their problems. I've seen APIs who offer no support, or a minimal number of support channels, while also seemingly working very hard to hide them--leaving you feeling like you will never get help when you need it.

Mailjet provides links to their status page, as well as a link where you can submit a trouble ticket in their Twitter bio. I would consider their Twitter bio pretty well crafted with the first half explaining what they do(for new users), and the second half providing information on how to get support(for existing users). It is a subtle, positive thing that all API providers should consider doing--thanks for the lead Mailjet.