Tweeting Out The iPaaS Opportunities That Are Available For Your API

I've been an advocating for API providers to embrace integration platform as a service provider (iPaaS) for three years now, encouraging them to make sure their API is accessible via popular platforms like Zapier. While I don't push these as a required building blocks for all providers, they definitely are what I'd consider as the common building block across many of the successful APIs I keep an eye on.

Making sure your API is available on iPaaS platforms, and you are showcasing these opportunities is becoming more and more important. Another positive move you can make when it comes to iPaaS, is to tweet out what is possible on a regular basis like #mce_temp_url#the transactional and marketing email API provider Mailjet does--here are a couple examples of this in the wild:

I may add this type of activity to my list of common API evangelism building blocks. It is something that I think compliments the fact that you have iPaaS integration solutions, and you are showcasing them within your API portal. It just makes sense that you should also be regularly tweeting out these opportunities, and making it known to your followers, and hopefully your API consumers.

Tweeting out the iPaaS opportunities available for an API is a great to reach beyond just the developer API consumer, and potentially reach the actual business consumer, who is probably going to have a real world problem that they hopefully will be able solve using your API--opening up a whole other dimension to how your API can be put to work.