CRX Extractor Wins For The Best Customer Quote Ever

Having quotes from your customers on your company website is a no-brainer. Finding the best examples of brands and companies putting your valuable service, or tool to work demonstrates it has value, and that people are using it.

While playing around with a new chrome add-on reverse engineering tool called CRX Extractor, I noticed the quote at the bottom of their page:

They win in my book for having a funny, but also pretty realistic endorsement for why you should be using a product. I'm using the tool to better understand how browser add-ons are putting APIs to work and evolve my own creations as well, but I can see reverse engineering them to make sure they are secure is a pretty important aspect of operating your company securely online.

When it comes to marketing your API, make sure you have quotes from smart people, as well as brands that people know, makes sense, but I would also add that making them funny, and allowing ourselves to laugh along the way can make a significant impact with the right people as well