I Am Digging Stripes New Interactive API Documentation Walkthrough

I am digging Stripes new documentation release, and specifically their interactive API documentation walkthrough. The new "try now" section of their documentation provides an evolve look at what is possible when it comes to providing your API consumers the documentation they need to get up and running.

The new documentation provides not just a code example of processing a credit card charge, they walk you through accepting a credit card, creating a new customer, charge the card, establish a recurring plan, and establishing a recurring customer subscription.

The walkthrough is simple, informative, and helpful. It helps you understand the concepts at play when integrating with the Stripe API, in a language agnostic way. I was super impressed with the ability to copy, paste, and run the curl commands at the command line, and when I came back to the browser--it had moved to the next step in the walkthrough. 

The new Stripe API documentation walkthrough is the most sophisticated movement forward in API documentation I've seen since Swagger UI. It isn't just documentation, in an interactive way--it walks you through each step, bordering on what I'd consider API curriculum. All without needing an actual live token--I wasn't even logged in. Additionally, Stripe made sure they Tweeted out the changes and included a slick GIF to demonstrate the new interactive capabilities of their documentation.