Enterprise Does Not Know (Care) How Big And Destructive It Is To APIs

I feel like the enterprise has successfully rounded up the escaped experiment that is API, and got it under control. With its size and scope it didn't really even notice APIs until 2012 or so, and once it did it quickly joined the "conversation" to make sure it wasn't left out of what the cool kids were doing. Now in 2016, if you want to get the funding you have to have enterprise customers already, and if you are doing APIs and selling to the enterprise you have to speak in their terms "microservices"--as the concept of APIs never actually got approved by legal--microservices has.

It seems like the simplicity, low cost, and user-centricity of APIs will be paved over at every turn, replacing the web in API with more vendor-friendly solutions with an HTTP facade that smiles like it's the web. The enterprise does not care about open standards, except for making sure they have joined and are sitting at the table, talking over everyone, and making sure their way of doing business is baked in--making standards less about community and more about the industry, like web services are.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. The enterprise will never get API because of the simplicity of them, the getting to know your resources, your community, and end-users does not fit with the scope and scale at which the enterprise operates. I know. I know. To get the price down, you have to do things at scale. I think this was a much truer statement before the Internet. The web can operate at "web scale", as many small nodes all working together--it doesn't require a single massive entity to operate.

I am sorry sharing and playing nicely with others isn't part of the equation at your enterprise. I would prefer it if you'd go back to your SOA ways and just leave us alone, but I understand that this will never happen now--we can never go back. You will never understand, and will never see how destructive your belief system is to this little experiment, or maybe that is the point--you want to just kill it, so you can get back to your way of doing things.