API Design Skills Required For Cyber Intelligence and Counter Intelligence

It is hard for me to track on everything in the API space as a one man show, but one thing I keep an eye on, but rarely add to my research (yet) are the increasing number of job postings I come across that have an API focus. An interesting one this week, which follows a new vein in the API space that I'm mining, is out of the applied science technology research organization Battelle.

They have an interesting job posting for a cyber computer scientist with Battelle’s Cyber Innovation Unit (CIU) providing "a broad range of products and services including Cyber Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, Cyber Research and Development and Fundamental Science, On­site Advisory Services, and Mission Focused tools including Embedded Systems Reverse Engineering." 

What brought the job posting up on my radar is one of the responsibilities being for "data APIs", and a requirement (mentioned twice) for having API design skills. The role APIs are playing in the areas of cyber security, cyber intelligence, and apparently "cyber innovation" is why I recently added cybersecurity as a research area to my API monitoring stack. It's not that APIs are being hacked, it is that they are being used for research, analysis, collaboration, communication, and other layers of the cybersecurity theater.

If I keep coming across interesting job postings like this I may have to start tracking on API jobs more, as the overall volume of API jobs that are coming across my radar is increasing, but also the interestingness is also trending upward significantly.