Mapping Your Social Media Footprint As Part Of Your API Security Strategy

Profiling the social media footprint of API related companies is what I do for a living. If you are doing something mildly interesting with an API I will add your Twitter, and Github accounts to my database. I will also go through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github looking for all your employees and profile them. This is how I monitor the world of APIs, by profiling, and staying in tune with the companies, and what their employees are up to.

While immersed in some "dark reading" I was pleasantly surprised to see "identify your organization’s social media footprint (companies, accounts, and key individuals)", as the top item on the list of things you can do to "shore up their social media and network defenses". This concept is a no-brainer for me, but I wonder how many companies actually have an up to date map of their companies social media footprint? If they are savvy they have this in place, as well as established for all of their competitors. #SmartStrategy

It is easy to think of security in purely a technical sense, DNS, servers, and software, but as the world of shadow IT and social media has become common in every company, institution, and government agency, how many companies are actively mapping out this landscape, and proactively working to secure it? As a tech professional who runs my own business I actively work to define ALL the online services I use, not just the social media ones--it just makes good business sense.