Why Do Companies Who Ask Me To Update Their Logo Never Have Branding Page?

When processing the news for API.Report, and the over 150 areas of my API industry research, I spend a good deal of time looking for images to represent my stories, and the companies I'm covering. When looking for an image to best represent a company I always search google for "[company name] logo branding", and look for an official branding and logo guidelines page for a company--secondarily I switch over the image search if there is no official page available.

After a blog post, news piece, or research update goes live, I will sometimes receive a DM or email from a company asking me to update the logo, to a newer option than what I found via a Google search. I'm always happy to update the logo, and since my images are centrally stored on Amazon S3 it is pretty easy to do so. What I find interesting is that every company who actively polices their brand in this way never have an easy to find branding and logo area for their company and API operations.

 I fully understand the need to police your brand and make sure your company's logo is represented in the best light, but what I don't understand is why they don't have a self-service branding area to help empower folks like me to do this on their own. It just seems like a lot of extra work that is unecessary or at least is something that you could minimize by providing a dedicated page where folks like me can find the most recent copy of your logo.