Defining API Surface Area By Converting HTML Forms To Open API Specs

I'm investing some time learning about the USGS Water Services. They have some pretty interesting APIs, providing access to a wealth of data about water table levels, river flows, and other key points across all USGS sites. While their developer area has a wealth of information available, it is also pretty verbose and tough to absorb.

I wanted to help make the information more accessible, filterable, and remixable by turning it into an OpenAPI Spec. It is A LOT OF WORK to craft a complete OpenAPI Spec for a robust API like the six that are available from the USGS. One way I help alleviate this work is to scrape API documentation. As I was preparing to do this I noticed they also have testing tools for 5 out of the 6 APIs, which are just HTML forms containing a definition of the surface area for each API. 

The HTML forms provide me with a slightly more structured definition of each API so I will start here. Once I've ingested these, I will write a scrape script for the HTML API documentation, and link the two up. Once I'm done with this I will be able to generate an OpenAPI Spec that is halfway complete (with just the surface area). Once I have this I can load up in my Postman client, turn on Charles Proxy and my internal API monitoring system will fill in the remaining definitions for the Open API Spec--now I have the request and response model, in a machine readable format. 

As I write the code to tackle this, I'm thinking about what a great approach HTML forms are to helping both technical, and semi-technical HTML craftspeople define the surface area of an API. Then I think about my friend Mike Amundsen (@mamund) and his work on ALPS, and I smile, and I'm reminded of how much work we have ahead of us when it comes to both web literacy and establishing more meaningful, reusable design patterns across the API space(that repo should be full).

P.S. Is there a better tool out there for turning HTML Forms into OpenAPI Spec or at least JSON or YAML?
P.S.S. If you wanna create an API that I can pass any web page with a form in it, and get back an OpenAPI Spec, you are a good person.