Standards Evangelism

As the API Evangelist, I spend a lot of time thinking about evangelism (*your mind is blown*). TFrom what I'm seeing, the world of technology evangelism has been expanding, where database, container, and other types of platforms are borrowing the approaches proven by API pioneers like Amazon and Twilio. As I'm doing work with Erik Wilde (@dret) around his work, and reading an article about industrial automation standards, I'm left thinking about how important evangelism is going to be for standards and specifications.

Standards are super important, so I have to be frank--the community tends to suck at evangelizing itself, in an accessible way that reflects the success established in the API world. I'm super thankful for folks like Erik Wilde, Mike Amundsen, and others who work tirelessly to evangelism API related web concepts, specifications, and standards. The importance of outreach and positive evangelism around standards reflect the reasons why I started API Evangelist--to make APIs more accessible to the masses. 

This is why I have to get behind folks like Erik who step up to help evangelize standards. I do not have the dedication required to tune into the W3C, IANA, ISO, and other standards bodies, and super thankful for those who do. So if I can help any of you standard obsessed folks hone your approach to storytelling, and evangelism let me know. I'd love to see standards evangelism become commonplace--making them more friendly, accessible, and known across the tech sector.