Syndicating API Evangelist Posts To Medium Using Their API

Now that I have API Evangelist up to regular levels of operation after a summer break, I'm working to expand where I publish my content, and next up on the list is Medium. Like many other popular destinations I refuse to completely depend on Medium for my blogging presence, but I recognize the network effects, and I'm more than happy to syndicate my work there. 

To help me manage the publishing of my stories to Medium I wired up the Medium API into my API monitoring and publishing platform. I use the Github API to publish blog posts to API Evangelist, Kin Lane, and API.Report, and it is pretty easy to add a layer that will publish select stories to Medium as well. All I have to do is tag posts in a certain way, and my "scheduler" and the Medium API does the rest.

I will be evaluating which of my stories go up to Medium on an individual basis. I'm not wanting everything to go there, but would like to open up some of my work for discussion on the platform. While I already share my API Evangelists posts to LinkedIn and Facebook, I will also be syndicating select stories using LinkedIn Publishing and Facebook Instant Articles next. I will only be publishing my content to platforms that bring value, but more importantly have APIs so I can retain as much control over my work from a central location within my domain.

You can find everything published under @KinLane over a Medium, something I might expand upon with specific publications in the near future, but for now, I'll keep it all under my user account.