Amazon Alexa As An Example When It Comes To API Communications

I'm always looking for specific API providers to showcase as examples we can follow when crafting different portions of our API strategies. The Amazon Alexa team is doing a pretty kick ass job at blogging, and owning the conversation when it comes to developing conversational interfaces, so I thought I'd highlight them as an example to follow when planning the communications portion of your strategy.

Take a look at the #Alexa tag for the AWS blog. They have a regular stream of storytelling coming out of the platform. Its a mix of talking about the tech of the platform, and showcasing what it can do. What really captured my attention for this story is there regular showcasing of the interesting solutions developers are building on top of the platform. Many platform blogs I read are a one trick pony, just talking about their service, and I think the AWS Alexa team has found a compelling blend.

Ok, AWS probably has just a few more resources than your API team, but trust me, one person can do a lot when they are really engaged. I produce at least five posts a day (ok, they are ranty and weird), and always work to keep thing as diverse as possible, and not about my products or services (fact I don't have any probably helps as well). I do not recommend you using API Evangelist as a model for your platform blogging. I do recommend you use Amazon Alex as a model for how you can create a compelling API platform communication experience.