Where Is The WordPress For APIs?

I feel like I have said this before, but probably is something that is worth refreshing--where is the WordPress for APIs? First, I know WordPress has an API, that isn't what I'm talking about. Second, I know WordPress is not our best foot forward when it comes to the web. What I am talking about is a ready to go API deployment solutions in a variety of areas, that are as easy to deploy and manage as WordPress.

There is a reason WordPress is as popular as it is. I do not run WordPress for any of my infrastructure, but I do help others setup and operate their own WordPress installs from time to time. I get why people like it. I personally think its a nightmare in there, when you start having to make it do things as a programmer, but I fully grasp why others dig it, and willing to support that whenever I can.

I want the same type of enabling solution for APIs. If you want a link API -- here you go. If you want a product API -- download over here. There should be a wealth of open source solutions that you can just download, unzip, upload, and go through the wizard. You get the API and a simple management interface. I would get to work building one in PHP / MySQL just to piss all the real programmers off, but I have too many projects on my plate already.

If you want to develop the WordPress of APIs for the community and make it push-button deployment via Heroku, AWS, Google, or Azure, please let me know and I'm happy to help amplify. ;-)