I Am Stuck On The Datadog Integration Page

I wrote about having an integrations page for your API service the other day, and as I'm continuing to study the approach of other providers I find myself stuck on b DataDog's integration page. Datadog provides the monitoring layer across many of the top service providers in the space, making for a pretty stellar list of what solutions are being put to use across the sector. 

The Datadog integration page has been open in my browser for the last week, as I make way through each provider. Some of them I'm very familiar with, but others are entirely new to me. Integration pages like this show me what is possible with a service provider like Datadog, but also provides me an opportunity to learn about new services that I can put to use in my own operations, and what the cool kids are using.

When you click on the detail for each of the potential integrations you get more information about what is possible, as well as a configuration file in YAML, and what metrics are made available when monitoring is activated. Datadog even groups their integrations by a tag, something they don't expose via the user interface very well, but is something I'll include in my suggestions for crafting an integration page for any other API. 

An integration page is definitely a building block I will be suggesting to other API providers, and I am also a big fan of sharing configuration, and other integration details like Datadog does. There are infinite learning opportunities available on this type of API integration pages, for analysts like me, for API providers, as well as service providers who sell to API providers. These are the types of common API building blocks that I feel contribute in a positive way to the tech sector, reflecting what APIs do best--enabling API integration, and API literacy all in the same motion.