Do You Have Agencies Ready To Develop With Your API?

I was doing some research on how API providers are providing certification of their developers. I want to better understand how leading API providers are developing curriculum for certifying that developers have the skills needed to integrate with their API, and how API providers are also showcasing these certified developers.

As I was looking through various API programs I came across Google's Developers Agency Program, where they certify companies as competent to work with Google's APIs when developing Android applications. Google provides an eBook to help provide agencies with the resources they need to get certified, the details on how to get certified, as well as a page showcasing the agencies that have been certified. I came across the program through a press release from one of the agencies, tooting their horn about being a Google certified agency.

Google's agency certification got me thinking about how this can apply to the average API provider. While API providers might not have the resources to provide an agency certification program like Google does, it might make sense to at least establish relationships with a handful of agencies, and showcase them as part of API operations. Having some pre-certified, ready to go, agency level development resources that can tackle API integrations seems like a good idea for any size API provider.

I've had conversations with agencies before, discussing which APIs they put to use, and they tend to be either commerce related, or social integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is something I'd like to explore further. I would also like to continue looking for examples of how API providers certify and showcase development resources, whether they are individual, or agency focused like Google is doing. I'm thinking that investment in API expertise at the agency level is one of the areas that will need a lot more attention as the world of APIs continues to expand and evolve.