Saving and Versioning API Definitions In Editor Using Github Gists

My friend Jordan Walsh (@jordwalsh) just released a new take on the Swagger editor, that inches closer to my vision of a dream API sketchbook and portfolio. His tool allows you to open and save your API definitions to Github Gists, allowing you to use the snippet sharing solution to manage your API definitions, and their evolution.

While it isn't my entire vision for an API sketchbook and portfolio,'s usage of Github Gists is a move in the right direction. This is just the first draft of his tool, and it looks like he plans on building in more of the API definition management features I am looking for--leveraging Github Gists as the book, in my sketchbook definition. #Creative

I like this model, especially when it comes to collaboration and storytelling around the API design process. I could see offering more sharing features for API definitions within the editor, enabling you to email, Slack, and share throughout an API's life cycle. I can also see more copy and paste opportunities, embedding API definitions using Github Gists in blog, knowledge base, and forum posts--grabbing the embed code from within the editor.

I'm curious to see where Jordan takes it. I have lots of ideas, but will just keep an eye on his work. My only critique at the moment is to not couple the functionality too tightly with the word "Swagger", as that is a trademarked product. I recommend relying on "OpenAPI Spec" or even better, some other way of identifying Gists that contain an OpenAPI Spec definition. ;-)

Cool stuff Jordan, keep up the good work.