People Do Not Know What Your API Does If You Do Not Showcase It

With a lot of my storytelling, I feel like captain obvious, but I also recognize the importance of simple, and sometimes repetitive storytelling to help reach my audience of time and resource-strapped API providers. Sometimes API providers are just too busy to remember the small things, and this is where I come in to help you remember some of the most obvious aspects of providing APIs that can be essential to success.

This morning's reminder is that nobody will know the cool things your API does if you do not showcase what is being done with it. This is why I added my API showcase research, to highlight the approach of the successful API providers, and give me a regular reminder to write about the topic. I understand you are busy, but so are your API consumers, and there is a good chance they need a little help understanding what can be done with your super valuable API resource(s).

Showcasing your successful API integrations is where the rubber meets the road with API operations. Tell us all about the cool things people are doing with your APIs. It doesn't have to be a full blown case study (although that would be nice too), it can be 250 words, plus some bullets, and another 250 words, helping us understand the possibilities in 2 minutes or less. From my experience in the space, people eat up these simple, easy to read examples of APIs solving problems, and providing solutions.

Ideally, you are showcasing the cool things being done with your API on a regular basis via your blog, but if for some reason, you are too busy, make sure and at least share your thoughts with me via email. You never know, if it is worthy, I might take the time to share here on API Evangelist.