Looking At The Latest API Related Certification Stories

As I curate the interesting news from across the API space each week I tag things to put them into different buckets. At the end of each week, I look through each bucket, deciding which area(s) I will be writing about each week. I am always trying to identify patterns and evolve the different areas of my research. One of the areas I'm considering adding as a formal area of API research is when it comes to certification. 

I have been seeing the area come up quite a bit, making me think it is something I should be thinking more about, and researching as its own project. This week there were four items thought caught my attention:

These posts came after another four items from last week, providing, even more, to think about when it comes to APIs and certification:

There is a lot going on here when it comes to the concept of certification. I guess the BigML, Dante, and IBM certifications are more of what had in my head entering this post, but thinking about the shady shit that Wells Fargo has been up to, and thoughts on certifying that you are "ethical open source", or "honest open source" is fascinating to ponder as part of the big picture.

Another thing that stands out for me in these certification stories, is that there are two separate certifications for machine learning across the last two week. I can't help but think that there is some sort of purification going on in this ritual, or a sort of validation of the thing behind the certification, meaning that if you certify that professionals know this thing, then the thing, must be a thing. Right? IDK, I just can't help but think more of the motivations behind doing certifications, and the psychology behind how they are perceived (right or wrong)

I'm inches away from adding certification as an official API research area, so I can keep a closer eye on it. I've never been a big certification guy, but I understand why they exist, and why some people invest in them. If I add it as a research area, I'll dive in deeper to map out which API certifications exist out there, and which ones might provide a good model for other API providers to look at, or maybe even what to consider NOT doing when crafting your certification program.