If You Are Doing Interesting Things With APIs Please Tell The Story

I wish I could write about everything interesting that is going on in the API space, but as a one man show, I struggle to keep up with discovering, reading and understanding what is going on, let alone carving out the time to write something thoughtful about it. Many interesting things get added to my notebook, but I simply do not find the time to finish and publish a story--sadly.

I'm always appreciative of folks who email me ideas for stories based upon interesting things with APIs, but it still doesn't always mean I will find the bandwidth to craft a post. What I really enjoy is when folks ping me about something interesting, but they also write their own story on their own domain, and share via multiple channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. When you do this, it allows me to more easily amplify what you are doing--the chances i will see it are greater.

Even when a company writes about something, I can still choose to augment and add to what has already been written about a subject, via my own blog. Then if I don't have time to craft something I can still amplify what has already been written by a company on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels I publish on regularly. I know many companies rely on PR channel to distribute their message, but I don't think this should be instead of publishing on their own blog. Telling stories on your companies blog, reaching out via PR channels, and relying on analysts like me to amplify what you publish makes for a more complete storytelling strategy for your API.