What Do You Get When You Search For The Schema.org Logo?

I spend a lot of time looking for logos of the companies that I write about. A lack of consistency around how companies manage (or don't) their logos, and make them available (or don't) regularly frustrates the hell out of me. While doing my regular work I found myself Googling for the Schema.org logl -- what came up made me smile.

When you Google for Schema.org logo you don't get the logo for Schema.org, you get the schema for a logo, which is the image property of a thing and is used by brands, organizations, places, products, and services. I still had to actually do a separate search to find the Schema.org logo, but it did make me smile, and make me think even deeper about how we manage (or don't) our bits online.

Schema.org is so important. It keeps popping up on my radar, and I'm seeing more examples of it being used as part of JSON-LD API and web search implementations. As I work on my human services data specification (HSDS) project I'm going to carve off time to weave JSON-LD and Schema.org into my storytelling. I can't just show people Schema.org and expect them to understand the importance, I'm going to have to show them with meaningful examples of it working out in the wild.