I Need Your Help With My API Definition Industry Guide

I am approaching seven years doing API Evangelist. I have over 70 areas of my core API lifecycle research available on the website and have four of those areas (definitions, design, deployment, & management) that I've been publishing industry guides for the last couple of years. In 2017, I want to take those guides, and hopefully a handful of other research areas to the next level. My guides have always been about the quantity of information, over the quality of the final guide. I want to turn that on its head and focus on the quality of information and presentation over the quantity, publishing an executive summary of each of my API industry research areas.

With my new guide, I am looking to add a touch of design, but I'm also looking to expand the exposure and storytelling opportunities for my partners in the space. Using Adobe In Design I have been able to handle the design enhancements, but I am in need of help making sure my industry guide are ready for consumption by a wider, and more mainstream audience--this is where you come in. I need your feedback. Seriously, I need you to help me with everything copy editing to being an overall critic--let me know what works and what doesn't--I'm looking to make this a community affair.

My API Definition research operates as a Github repository, providing access to the data and content behind each area. I use the Github Issues for each of my API research like I would for any other project I'm managing using Github. If you have the time, I would be grateful if you would take look at my API definition guide and submit a single Github issue with your feedback,. I'm even willing to give some exposure in each edition, thanking the folks who helped out in the 'about page' of the guide. Also, if you help out enough I'd be willing to give one of the sponsor slots to your company, project, product, or service--seriously, I want this to be a community effort.

After a couple of weeks of beta testing each guide, and gathering feedback, I will be packaging the guide up for distribution through my partners, Amazon, and other distribution channels. I would really appreciate your help in fine tuning my work and making it something worthy of a more mainstream audience. I'll be repeating this process with my other industry guides for API design, deployment, and management. This will open up even further opportunities for exposure (if you are into that kind of thing). While the research portions of these guides are derived from my research, I'm looking for the stories, overall tone, and sponsor slots to be a community thing, so submit a Github issue, and let me know what you think--I really, really appreciate it.

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