The Tyk Wordpress API Portal

I am finally seeing more solutions available for API providers when it comes to publishing an portal for their API operations. I've long had my minimum viable API portal definition, which I recently deployed to support the Miami Open211 API, and I also wrote about AWS serverless approach to an API portal. Next up, is a WordPress solution from my API management partner Tyk.

The WordPress API portal solution has the following features:

  • Automatic developer registration on Tyk when developers sign up in WP
  • Configuration of API policies available for token registration
  • Developers may request an access token for the available API policies
  • Automatic or manual approval of key requests
  • Storage of token (references) by name and API policy
  • Revoking of tokens by developer
  • Display usage statistics per key
  • Request quota usage per key

All the basics you need when standing up a basic API operation. If WordPress is your go-to content management system, then it might make sense for you to think about API portal in these terms. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) is already using the plugin in production, and you can download the plugin on Github, or find it over at

We need multiple versions of API portals like this, designed for every type of platform a company, organization, institution, and government agency might be already using as a default platform for their operations. This is why API management providers need to follow Tyk's lead and make sure your solution is API driven--practicing what you preach so that your API management solution can be integrated anywhere.