One Layer Of An API Ranking System Will Need To Be Domain Scoring

I saw that WhoAPI launched a Domain Score API recently, helping put a value on whether or not you can trust a domain. The example they have in their blog post applies a domain score to the email addresses for any developer signing up for the Domain Score API–pretty useful stuff.

I do not know anything about the algorithm behind the domain scoring API, or what data it pulls from, but I think the concept is definitely applicable in today’s online environment. I wrote about Best Buy requiring their developers to register with an email at their business domain, not some general email service, and this seems like another layer of security you could add to this process.

With the current climate online, services like these are going to be increasingly valuable in the day to day operations of businesses, and not just for registering for an API. I’m going to start building a collection of these types of APIs and publish them as an individual stack–not sure what I’ll call it yet, but hopefully, it will be something I can leverage as part of a future API ranking system.