Algorithmia Invests More Resources Into Machine Learning APIs For Working With Video

I got my regular email from Algorithmia this last week and I like where they are going with some of their machine learning APIs. They have been heavily investing in machine learning applied to video, allowing for the extraction of information from video, as well as applying interesting transformations to your videos.

Here are some of the video tools they have been working on:

These are all things I’m interested in using as part of my drone and other video work that I’ve been working on as a hobby. I’m interested in the video pipeline aspect because it’s fun to work with the video I capture, but I also see the potential when it comes to drones in agriculture and mining, and I am also curious the business models associated with this type of a video pipeline. I think video, images, plus APIs, coupled with the API monetization strategy Algorithmia already has in place is their formula for success.

I’m keeping an eye on what Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are up to, but I think Algorithmia has a first mover advantage when it comes to the economic of all of this. I’m glad they are investing more into their video resources. I think there are endless uses for API-driven pipelines that process images and video and apply machine learning models using APIs, then metered, and made available via an algorithmic catalog like Algorithmia offers.