Tweeting Out Your API Forum Conversations

It is a lot of work to keep the API evangelism drumbeat going each day on your blog, Twitter, and other social media channels you use for your API operations. Each Tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn Post is one possible signal that might reach existing developers, or possibly reach a potentially new API consumer–educating them about what your API does.

My friends over at the Oxford Dictionaries APIs are getting really good at this API evangelism song and dance, and one of the tactics in their toolbox is regularly Tweeting out relevant threads from their API forum. It is a great way to expose conversations that are going on within your API support forum, and help make other developers aware that these conversations are going on in a way that will also boost your overall SEO, making your API support operations more visible to the public.

Another benefit of sending out these regular API signals is that there is always the potential that I will write up what you are doing, and you’ll get the additional exposure of being on API Evangelist. When people ask me what is the #1 thing they can do to be more successful with evangelism for their API, it is always consistency. Regular, consistent drumbeats about what is going on with your platform, the problems it solves is always the best way to make sure your valuable API resources will be found and put to use in meaningful ways.