My API Communication Stack For The Human Services API Specification

I’m refining my approach to moving forward the discussion around the Human Services Data Specification and API in an attempt to include more vendors and implementors in the conversation. Part of this work is to streamline how we move forward an increasing number of conversations regarding the schema and API definition.

I am looking help solidify our communication strategy around the human services API, and help make clear which channels participants can tune into:

  • Github - Github Issues is where the specific conversation around a variety
  • Slack - A variety of Slack channels for discussing the evolution of API.
  • Blog - Storytelling via API Evangelist, and specific project level blogs.
  • GHangouts - Virtual gatherings to discuss the API via video conferencing.

These are the channels where the HSDS/A conversations are occurring. It is spread unevenly across these synchronous and asynchronous digital channels. We are using a variety of signals including Github issues, Slack messaging as well as video conference calls, blog posts, and semi-regular virtual gatherings.

I am heavily using the blog post to organize my ideas, distilling down the explosion of information, ideas, and technical details in smaller, coherent, bite-size chunks. This helps me organize and better communicate what’s going on, which includes having a single URL to share with new players. In fact, this blog post is part of me pulling together my communication around the API communications strategy for the human services API project and will be the most current URL I share with people.