One API Development Partner Every API Provider Should Have

Yet another reason to be making sure Zapier is part of your API operations–issue management. Zapier is now providing an important window into how people are integrating with your API(s)–now any public API connected to Zapier can see filtered, categorized feedback from their users with Zapier Issues, and use that information to improve upon their APIs and integrations. This is the biggest movement I’ve seen in my API issues research since I first started doing it on April of 2016.

Zapier Issues doesn’t just provide you with a look at the issues that arise within API integrations (the bad news), it also provides you with a feedback look where you can engage with Zapier users who have integrated with your API, and hear feature requests (the good news), and other road map influencing suggestions. Zapier sees, “thousands of app combinations and complex workflows from more than 1.5 million people—and we want to give you more insight into how your best customers use your app on Zapier.”

It is another pretty big reason that ALL API providers should be baking Zapier into their platforms. Not only will you be opening up API consumption to the average business user, you can now get feedback from them, and leverage the wisdom Zapier has acquired integrating with over 750 APIs. As an API provider you should be jumping at this opportunity to get this type of feedback on your API resources. Helping you make sure your APIs more usable, stable, reliable, and providing the solutions that actual business users are needing to solve the problems they encounter in their daily lives.