The Plivo Support Portal And Knowledge Base

I’m always watching out for how existing API providers are shifting up their support strategies in their communities as part of my work. This means staying into tune with their communications, which includes processing their email newsletters and developer updates. Staying aware of what is actually working, and what is not working, based upon active API service providers who are finding ways to make it all work.

Plivo opted out to phase out direct emails at the end of the month, and pushing developers to use the Plivo support portal, and the ticketing system. The support portal provides a knowledge base which provides a base of self-service support before any developer actually uses the support ticketing system to:

  • Create, manage, respond to and check the status of your support ticket(s)
  • Select improved ticket categories for more efficient ticket routing and faster resolution
  • Receive resolution suggestions from our knowledge base before you submit a ticket to help decrease resolution time

Email only support isn’t always the most optimal way of handling support, and using a ticketing system definitely provides a nice trail to follow for both sides of the conversations. The central ticketing system also provides a nice source of content to feed into the self-service support knowledge base, keeping self-service support in sync with direct support activity.

I’m going to continue to track on which API providers offer a ticketing solution, as well as a knowledge base. I’m feeling like these are what I’m going to recommend to new API providers as what I consider to be default support building blocks that EVERY API platform should be starting with, covering the self-service and direct support requirements of a platform. I’m going to start pushing 1-3 support solutions like ZenDesk, also giving API providers some options when it comes to quickly delivering adequate support for their platforms.