Where Are All The API Focused Agencies?

Earlier this week at the CA API Academy virtual gathering I spoke at in Boulder CO, the question around why there aren’t more API focused agencies came up. We were talking about the need for consulting services around common areas of API operations like design, deployment, management, testing, as well as training around API lifecycle related topics. We are seeing some movement in the area of API focused agencies, but not enough to cover the current demand.

We are seeing full service shops like APIvista, and Good API emerge. There is also movement on the agency level when it comes to integration platform as a service (iPaaS), over at Left Hook Digital, helping companies leverage Zapier, and integrate with API platforms. There is definitely significant movement in the number of API focused agencies, but we are going to need more to meet the demand for API design, deployment, management, testing, and other stops along the API lifecycle.

I’m guessing it will take a couple years for this side of the API business to mature. Then I’m figuring we will begin see to see more specialized API agencies emerge, helping with evangelism, support, API design, and maybe even industry focused iPaaS, similar to what we are seeing with LeftHook. As mainstream companies are waking up to the potential of APIs, they are going to need a lot of professional help to ensure they are successful in their API journey. We are going to need a number of general service, specialized, regional, and industry specific API agencies to help get us through the next couple of years.

I am focusing on trying to scale the API training portion of this need. I am ramping up development of API training courses that span my API lifecycle and API stack research. Helping API providers and consumers navigate the world of APIs. I’m talking with partners about working together to develop and distribute API training, and will be working to train some trainers at SMB, SME, and the enterprise. Eventually I’m guessing we will also be needing some API focused training agencies to help carry the load in being the last mile of delivery the API curriculum we will be developing.