I Finally Have A Weekly Email Newsletter Roundup Of API Evangelist Posts

I’ve had people asking me for an email newsletter containing everything I’ve done over the week for quite a while now, and I finally got around to do doing it. I’m now using MailChimp to pull in the last 20 API Evangelist blog posts and send out as a digest each Monday morning. Providing a summary of everything I wrote for the previous week.

I’m thankful for services like MailChimp which help me get up and running with things like a newsletter quickly. Then can scale it over time, and even use their API if I want. Without service providers like this I’d never have things like a newsletter. Here is the email newsletter sign up form from MailChimp, and you can always find on the bottom of the home page for API Evangelist:

I am not a big email person, as many of you know. However, I understand that many of you are, and I’m seeing a resurgence of readership via email newsletter over using RSS. While I still love me some RSS, I understand that many folks have moved on, often filling the void with their inboxes. After some high profile folks asked me for an email digest, because they were too busy to always remember to tune in, I had to make it happen.

Thanks for tuning in. If there is anything else you’d like to see in the weekly round up–let me know. I’m trying to keep basic for now, but I am thinking about adding some additional thoughts, or other aspects of my API industry research in there–like links to my guides, tools, and services. Right now, I’m giving a shout out to all my sponsors in the footer, but as the list grows it might be another place I entertain sponsorship of this crazy train I call API Evangelist. Thanks for all your support.