Making Your API Pricing Page Accessible To Everyone

I’ve been talking with the folks over at Bitscoop about their integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offering. I would API mapping as a service, but that is another story. After talking with them, and going through their website, I wanted to focus on Bitscoop’s pricing page, which I feel reflects where API service pricing and plans are headed. There are three main areas of their pricing that I think are worth highlighting for accessing APIs at scale.

Bitscoop is really priced for EVERYONE, with a simple free tier to get started using the platform.

Next there are three tiers of access: developer, organization, and enterprise. It’s not as “ascendable” as I’d like it (smoother hop from tier to tier), but because Bitscoop clearly articulates how much additional calls are for each tier, the jump from tier to tier isn’t as painful.

Closing out the Bitscoop pricing page they have a custom solutions section letting you know they’ll deploy your API service to Google, Amazon, or Azure. Reflecting where API deployment, and API service deployment is headed.

Thats it. That is the story. Make your services accessible. Don’t price people out. Make your solutions available to everyone, with the opportunity to grow. I’m always fascinated by how many differing opinions there are out there regarding how you craft your SaaS and API plans. I think Bitscoop pricing reflects the reality of when you are integrating with hundreds or thousands of APIs. To be able to compete at this scale you are going to have to be plug and play with your tech, as well as the business of your APIs.