API Evangelist And Streamdata.io

Some of you in my backchannels know that I’ve been shopping around for a job lately. I’m looking to make a shift in API Evangelist, as I’ve written about some (and will write about more), and I’m also looking for a shift in how I fund my world. During a multi-week search I opened up conversations about a couple of different roles, and one particularly interesting partnership came my way from a company I’ve been working with for a while now. I’ve entered into a partnership with the Streamdata.io team, to help them chart the course for their real-time, streaming, event-sourced future, and they’ll continue to invest in me being the API Evangelist. In the past I’ve had several partners at any one time, but moving forward I’m going to limit it to being with a single partner–changing the formula a little bit.

I’ll talk about why the older model wasn’t working in other posts on my personal blog, but moving forward API Evangelist will continue to be about my research into the wider API space, but it will increasingly have a focus about what I’m also doing with Streamdata.io. I’m interested in helping Streamdata.io understand that API sector, while I am helping my readers understand what Streamdata.io does. I will be actively telling stories about what I’m up to on a daily basis via API Evangelist, and I will continue to research the wider API space–this is valuable to Streamdata.io, and hopefully it is also valuable to you. I will also be applying this knowledge to helping the Streamdata.io team help define their place in the API sector, and telling the stories in real-time on API Evangelist–this is valuable to Streamdata.io, and hopefully it is also valuable to you.

Streamdata.io is all about helping define the real-time, streaming layer of the API space–something I have been focused on for a number of years. However, they also invested into helping define the data streaming, event-sourced future of the API space, something I’ve lightly invested in with my webhooks research, but keen to further understand when it comes to Kafka, and other emerging trends. It fits well with what I”m seeing happen in the API space, as well as my interests when it comes to technology. Honestly, it also fits with my interests in having a stable income, and not having to chase stories in the name of page views, or other random projects just because they might bring in some money to pay the bills. I’m not too proud to say that I was ready for Streamdata.io’s help, and it is greatly appreciated.

This partnership wasn’t the next step I envisioned for API Evangelist, but it was the quickest, most natural, and positive offer to show itself–right when I needed it. To the API echo chamber I think what I offer via API Evangelist will change substantially, however to API providers, and API service providers, I’m guessing they probably won’t even notice a difference. I’m looking forward to partnering with Streamdata.io to help get the word out about the dead simple real-time streaming solutions they provide on top of existing APIs, and I’m also excited that they’ll continue to invest in me being the API Evangelist. Here’s to a great partnership Streamdata.io, and I look forward to the stories we can tell together in 2018. I’m looking forward to continuing to help define the API space, with a focus on the perspective that Streamdata.io brings to the table. Something that goes well beyond just streaming data–stay tuned!