A Really Nice API Application Showcase Over At The Intrinio Market Data API

I am profiling financial market data APIs currently, and as I’m doing my work profiling APIs, I’m always on the hunt for interesting elements of their API operations that I can showcase for my readers. While looking at the financial market data API from Intrinio, I found that I really, really like their application showcase, which providers a pretty attractive blueprint for how we can showcase what is being develop on top of our APIs.

The Intrinio application showcase is just clean looking, and has the bells and whistles you’d expect like categories, search, detail or list view, and detail pages providing you all the information you need about the application, and where you can find tutorials, code, and other relevant resources.

Another thing I really like is it isn’t just about web and mobile applications. They have spreadsheet integrations, and help walk you through how to “apply” each type of integration. This is what the application in API means to me. It isn’t always just about finished web, mobile, and device applications. It is about applying the resources available via the programmatic interfaces to some problem you have in your world.

Anyways, the Intrinio application showcase is totally worth profiling as part of my research. It is a great blueprint for other API providers to follow when crafting their own application showcases. This post give me a single URL that I can share with folks, and reference throughout my stories, white papers, guides, and talks. I’d love to see this become the standard for how API providers showcase their applications, keeping things simple, clean, and bringing value to their consumers.