An Open Banking API Portal Blueprint

I have been learning all about the banking API efforts out of Open Banking in the UK lately. They are evolving a set of read / write account and transaction API, as well as public data APIs for some of the common information 3rd party developers are looking to get their hands on. I'm intrigued with the traction the organization has gotten, and I want to be able to fully understand what they are developing, as well help contribute where I can.

To help me understand the API specification, as well as hopefully contribute to the conversation, I am publishing an blueprint API portal for the API. It is a demo portal, running on Github, which uses the API Evangelist graphical look, but I am also publishing documentation for v1.1.1 of the account and payments API, as well as v2.1 of the public data APIs. I'm looking to publish the API specification like any bank would, but it won't actually be a live API--yet. I'd like to turn it into a mock API, with some virtualized data to demonstrate what is possible.

I've only had time to publish the overview of the project, and the documentation for each current version. I have a todo list of things I would like to invest in when I have more time. Eventually, I want it to be a complete, forkable Open Banking API portal that any bank in the UK could publish. Then I'm looking to create country specific versions to help push French, German, and other banks to push a portal. It doesn't have to be my solution that the banks use, but hopefully they'll at least use what I have provided as a blueprint. The goal isn't just to get them to use the portal, it is to get them implementing their bank's API developer portal in a standardized way--similar to the API specification from Open Banking, but this is the portal specification.

I will spend time on the portal over the next couple of weeks. If there is something you'd like to see accomplished, or something I'm missing entirely, feel free to submit a Github issue for the project. The project repository is a little messy right now as it is in full development, so if you fork, be careful--you might want to wait.