API Evangelist Is Partnering With Bridge Software To Tell More API Integration Stories

I have been intrigued by the people who reached out after I published a story about my partner program. One of the companies that reached out was the API integration agency Bridge Software, who reflects the next generation of software development groups who are emerging to focus exclusively on API integration.

I’ve had several calls with the Bridge Software team this week, discussing the possible ways in which we can work together. I’m regularly in need of software development resources that I can refer projects to, and I’m also interested in hearing more interesting stories about how businesses are integrating with APIs. Of course, Bridge Software is looking for more customers, which is something I can definitely help with. So we started brainstorming more about how they can regularly feed me stories that I can develop into posts for API Evangelist, and I can help send new business their way.

One of the most valuable resources I possess as the API Evangelist, is access to real world stories from the trenches of API providers and integrators. These sources of stories have been the bread and butter for API Evangelist for eight years. I have depended on the stories that businesses share with me to generate the 3,276 posts I have published on the blog since 2010. So I am stoked to have a new source of fresh stories, from a team who is neck deep in API integrations each day, and will be actively gathering stories from their regular developer team meetings.

I’m looking forward to working with the Bridge Software team, and getting new stories from the API integration trenches. I’m also looking forward to assisting them with finding new customers, and helping them with deliver on their API integration needs. If you are looking for help with API integrations, Bridge Software has a pretty sophisticated approach to delivering integrations that has test driven development at its core. Feel free to reach out to the team, but make sure and tell them where you heard about them, to get special treatment. ;-) Also, make sure you stay tuned for more stories about the API integrations stories they will be sharing with me on a regular basis, which I will be weaving into my regular cadence of storytelling here on the blog.