APIStrat Nashville Call For Papers Closes At The End Of Next Week

I know, time flies and we are all very busy, but have you submitted your talk for APIStrat Nashville? The call for papers closes next Friday, June 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST! This is the second edition of the conference being run by the OpenAPI community, and is something you aren’t going to want to miss. We are bringing together the usual API community suspects, but also working to build upon the work that is going on in the fast growing OpenAPI community. The conference continues to be its usual voice of the API community, and won’t be all about the OpenAPI specification, but it it will definitely be where you want to be showcasing any groundbreaking work you are doing around the specification.

The CFP process for APIStrat Nashville asks three main questions:

  1. How will the audience benefit from your presentation?
  2. Why should YOU be the one to give this talk? You have a unique story. Tell it.
  3. Be prepared to explain how this fits into the API ecosystem.

After answering these questions we are looking for talks in the following areas of doing APIs: API Design, API For the Greater Good, API Management, API SDKs & Clients, API Security, API Success Stories, API Transformations, API Testing, API Usability, At The Protocol Level, Digital Transformation, GraphQL, Hypermedia, Machine Learning, Microservices, REST, RPC systems, and Standards & Definitions. However, don’t let these topics put you in a box. We want you to think about whatever you think will make the biggest impact on the audience, and hopefully the wider API community.

Do not wait until the last moment to get your talk submitted! Last year, as the program chair I spoke with a number of people who had waited too long, and didn’t get their talk in front of the program committee early on. As soon as the submission are close they will begin spending time reviewing the talks, and while we may consider accepting late submissions, they are unlikely to get the attention that the earlier submissions will. If you have any questions about past events, or what might speak to this years audience, feel free to reach out to me personally. While I’m not in charge of the program committee this year, I’m still happy to help answer questions, and share my thoughts on what will catch their attention. Here is the link to the APIStrat CFP page for when you are ready, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say this year in Nashville!