Looking For Sponsors For APIStrat 2018 In Nashville, TN This September

We are building up to the 9th edition of API Strategy & Practice (APIStrat) happening in Nashville, Tennessee this September 24th through 26th. As part of the build up we are looking for sponsors to help make the event happen, bringing the API community together once again to share stories from the trenches, and discuss healthy practices that are allowing companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies make an impact when it comes to their API operations.

The 2017 edition of APIStrat in Portland, OR was a huge success, and help complete the transition of APIStrat to be part of the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI). After seven editions, and four years of operation exclusively by 3Scale and API Evangelist, the event has matured and will continue growing under the guidance of the OAI, and the community that has evolved around the OpenAPI specification. Presenting an opportunity for other API providers, and API service providers to get involved by joining as an OAI member and / or sponsoring APIStrat, and joining the conversation that has been going on in the community since early 2013.

You can download the APIStrat conference prospectus from the Linux Foundation / OAI event website, and there is a form to submit to learn more about sponsoring. You can also email [email protected] if you’d like to get plugged in. Feel free to also reach out to me as well, as I’m in charge of trying to drum up sponsors, and expand our base beyond just the OAI membership, and the companies who stepped up last year. Helping API providers and service providers understand what a community event APIStrat is, and help it differentiate from the other API, and tech-focused conferences that are happening.

I’m definitely biased, as I help start and grow the conference, but after running tech events for over a decade, it was important to me that APIStrat grow into a community event about ideas, and less about vendors and product pitches. It is a great opportunity for API providers, and API service and tooling providers to actually rub elbows with developers who are building on top of their APIs, and putting their tools and services to work. The keynotes, sessions, and workshops are always great, but the hallway conversations are always where the magic happens for me. Please step up and help make sure the event continues to grow, and help sponsor APIStrat in Nashville. If you do, I promise to cover your APIs here on the blog, and help tell the story of the impact you are making on the community leading up to the event this September in Tennessee!!