Practical SecDevOps for APIs From @42Crunch At APIStrat In Nashville This Fall

We are gearing up for the next edition of APIStrat in Nashville, TN this September 24th through 26th. With the conference less than two months away, and the schedule up, I’m building momentum with my usual drumbeat about the speakers, and companies involved. So you’ll be reading a lot of stories related to APIStrat in coming weeks, where I’m looking to build awareness and attendance of the conference, but more importantly showcasing the individuals and companies who are supporting it and helping making the 9th edition of APIStrat amazing.

One of innovative startups I’m partnering with right now, and who you will find speaking and sponsoring APIStrat is 42Crunch. Full disclosure, I’m regularly talking with 42Crunch regarding their road map, and I consider them an API Evangelist partner, however, this is because I find them to be one of the more progressive, and important API startups out there right now. 42Crunch is important in my opinion, because they are focusing on API security, a critical stop along the API lifecycle, and also because of the OpenAPI-driven, awareness building approach to delivering API security. 42Crunch isn’t just bringing API security solutions to the table for you to purchase as a service, they bring API security solutions to the table that help you invest in your internal API security practices–which is the most critical aspect of what they do in my opinion.

42Crunch is focused on API security, but they are what I consider to be a full API lifecycle solution. Meaning they play nicely as one of the tools in your API lifecycle toolbox. Which begins with being OpenAPI-driven, and treating your API’s definition as a contract, but with 42Crunch it is about using this contract to empower your API team to make API security a first-class citizen across all stops along the API lifecycle. Not just at the API management layer, or as an after thought later on when you scan your infrastructure–42Crunch is baking security into your OpenAPI contract, proxying your APIs, and ensuring the right security policies are being applied consistently across the API lifecycle. Helping you think of API security all along the way from design to deployment, to management, testing, monitoring, and deprecation.

If you want to learn more about what 42Crunch offers you should be registered for APIStrat, and joining us in Nashville, TN. My friend Isabelle Mauny will be giving her talk on Practical SecDevOps for APIs–here is the abstract for her talk: In an ever agile world, API security must become a commodity. By working with security “ON” as early as possible, API developers can detect vulnerabilities when they are easy to fix. By continuously testing APIs for issues, they can ensure vulnerabilities do not sneak in later in the lifecycle. In this session, Isabelle presents a SecDevOps methodology and shares practical solutions for API security assessment, API protection and security monitoring. You should be taking advantage of this opportunity to learn more about what 42Crunch has to offer, and speaking with Isabelle in person about where API security is going in 2018, because they are the people pushing forward the conversation as part of the OpenAPI Initiative, and with their API security services.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the API conversation in Nashville this fall. Get registered for APIStrat, and make sure you are participating in the ongoing API discussion that is APIStrat. While the conference will continue to be an environment where developers and business folk to gather and discuss the technology, business, and politics of APIs, this year will also have a music focus because of the venue. Making it something you will not want to miss out, with all the keynotes, sessions, workshops, and hallway and late night conversations with all API leaders from across the sector.