I Am Speaking In Washington D.C. At The Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference

I’m heading to Washington D.C. this Monday to speak on the API life cycle as part of the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference. We’ll be coming together in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, within the west wing complex of the White House, to better understand how we can, “bring together developers to learn and share insights on how we can leverage claims data to serve the Medicare population.”

The gathering will hear from CMS Administrator Seema Verma and other Administrator Leadership about Blue Button 2.0 and the MyHealthEData initiative, while also hosting a series of break sessions, which I’m part of:

  • Blue Button 2.0 and FHIR (where it’s all heading) with Mark Scrimshire and Cat Greim
  • MyHealthEData and Interoperability with Alex Mugge and Joy Day
  • Overview of Medicare Claims Data with Karl Davis
  • Medicare Beneficiary User Research with Allyssa Allen
  • Sync for Science with Josh Mandel and Andrew Bjonnes
  • API Design with Kin Lane

Registration for the gathering is now closed, but if you are a federal govy, I’m sure you can find someone to get you in. I’m looking forward to seeing the CMS, HHS, and USDS folks again, as they are doing some amazing stuff with the Blue Button API, as well as hang out with some of the VA people I know will be there. The Blue Button API is one of the more important API blueprints we have out there in the healthcare space, as well as the federal government. I’ve been a champion on Blue Button since I contributed to the project back when I worked in DC back in 2013, and will continue to invest in its success in coming years.

In my session I will be covering my API lifecycle and governance research as the API Evangelist, but I’m eager to talk with more folks involved with the Blue Button API about what is next, and better understand where HL7 FHIR is headed, while also developing my awareness of who is actively participating in the Blue Button API community. I’ll be in DC late Sunday night, through Monday, and I’m back to west coast on Tuesday AM. If you are around I’d love to connect, and if you want to tune in, I believe there will be a live stream of the event on the Blue Button API portal.