Twice The Dose Of Vanick Digital At APIStrat in Nashville, TN Next Month

We are kicking it into overdrive now that the schedule is up for APIStrat in Nashville, TN this September 24th through 26th. From now until the event at the end of September you are going to hear me talk about all the amazing speakers we have, the companies they work for, and the interesting things they are all doing with APIs. One of the perks of being a speaker or a sponsor at APIStrat–you get coverage on API Evangelist, a become part of the buzz around the 9th edition of the API Strategy & Practice Conference (APIStrat), now operated by the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) and the Linux Foundation.

Today’s post is about my friends over at the digital solutions and API management agency Vanick Digital. With APIStrat coming to their backyard, and their ability to capture the attention of the APIStrat program committee, Vanick Digital has two separate talks this year:

  • Securing the Full API Stack by Patrick Chipman - APIs open up new channels for sharing and consuming data, but whenever you open a new channel, new security risks emerge. Additionally, APIs often involve a variety of new components, such as API gateways, in-memory databases, edge caches, facade layers, and microservice-aligned data stores that can complicate the security landscape. How and where do you apply the right controls to ensure your API and your data are secure? In this session, we’ll answer that question by identifying the different components commonly used in the delivery of API products. For each layer, we’ll discuss the security risks that can and should be mitigated there, along with best practice approaches (including ABAC, OAuth2, and more) to implement those mitigations.

  • What Do You Mean By “API as a Product”? by Lou Powell - You may have heard the term “API Product.” But what does it mean? In this talk I will introduce the concept and explain the benefits and challenges of transforming your organization to view your APIs as measurable products that expose your companies capabilities, creating agility, autonomy, and acceleration. Traditional product manufacturers create new product and launch them into the marketplace and then measure value; we will teach you to view your APIs in the same way. Concepts covered in this presentation will be designing APIs with Design Thinking, funding your product, building teams, marketing your API, managing your marketplace, and measuring success.

Showcasing their skills as an API focused agency, by bringing it to the stage at APIStrat–smart! I am currently working with their team to understand how API Evangelist and Vanick Digital can work more closely together on projects. Helping me support the customers I’m reaching with my storytelling and workshops, delivering, scaling, and managing the day to day details I don’t have the time to provide for my customers. So it makes me happy to see them at APIStrat, sharing their wisdom, and demonstrating what they are capable of. If you are under resourced like many API providers are, I recommend coming to APIStrat and meeting with the team, or if it can’t wait until September, feel free to reach out directly–just let them know where you found them.

APIStrat is seven weeks away, so make sure you get registered. The workshop, session, and keynote lineup is locked up, but we still have a handful of sponsorship opportunities available. You can find the sponsorship prospectus on the web site, or feel free to contact me directly and I’ll get you plugged in with the events team. Make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to be part of this ongoing API conversation that we’ve kept going since 2013–where API developers, architects, designers, and API business leaders, evangelists, advocates, and the API curious gather to discuss where the API space is headed. Now that APIStrat is operated by the OpenAPI Initiative it makes it the place to be if you want to contribute to the road map for the OpenAPI specification, and influence the direction of the API specification. No matter how you choose to get involved, we look forward to seeing you all in Nashville next month!