Any Way You Want It: Extending Swagger UI for Fun and Profit by Kyle Shockey (@kyshoc) of SmartBear Software (@SmartBear) At @APIStrat In Nashville

We are getting closer to the 9th edition of APIStrat happening in Nashville, TN this September 24th through 26th. The schedule for the conference is up, along with the first lineup of keynote speakers, and my drumbeat of stories about the event continues here on the blog. Next up in our session lineup is “Any Way You Want It: Extending Swagger UI for Fun and Profit” by Kyle Shockey (@kyshoc) of SmartBear Software (@SmartBear) on September 25th.

Here is Kyle’s abstract for the session:

Your APIs are tailored to your needs - shouldn’t your tools be as well? In this talk, we’ll explore how Swagger UI 3 makes it easier than ever to create custom functionality, and common use cases for the power that the UI’s plugin system provides.

Learn how to:

- Create plugins that extend existing features and define new functionality - Integrate Swagger UI seamlessly by defining a custom layout - Package and share plugins that can be reused by the community (or your organization)

Swagger UI has changed the conversation around how we document our APIs, and being able to extend the interface is an important part of keeping the API documentation conversation evolving, and APIStrat is where this type of discussion is happening. You can register for the event here, and there are still sponsorship opportunities available. Don’t miss out on APIStrat this year–it is going to be a good time in Nashville as we continue the conversation we started back in 2012 with the initial edition of the API industry event in New York City.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Nashville next month!