API Evangelist Is Open For Business

After six months of silence I've decided to fire API Evangelist back up again. I finally reached a place where I feel like I can separate out the things that caused me to step back in the first place. Mostly, I have a paycheck now, some health insurance, and I don't have to pretend I give a shit about APIs, startups, venture capital, and the enterprise. I'm being paid well to do an API job. I can pay my rent. I can go to the doctor when my health takes a hit. My basic needs are met.

Beyond that, I'm really over having to care about building an API community, making change with APIs, and counteracting all of the negative effects of APIs in the wild. I can focus on exactly what interests me about technology, and contribute to the 3% of the API universe that isn't doing yawnworthy, half-assed, or straight up shady shit. I don't have to respond to all the emails in my inbox just because I need to eat, and have a roof over my head. I don't have to jump, just because you think your API thing is the next API thing. I can just do me, which really is the founding principle of API Evangelist.

Third, I got a kid to put through college, and I'm going to make y'all pay for it. So, API Evangelist is open for business. I won't be producing the number of stories I used to. I'll only be writing about things I actually find interesting, and will explore other models for generating content, traffic, and revenue. So reach out, and pitch me. I'm looking for sponsors, and open to almost anything. Don't worry, I'll be my usual honest self and tell you whether I'm interested or not, and have strong opinions on what should be said, but pitch me. I'm open for business, I'll entertain any business offer keep API Evangelist in forward motion, and generating revenue for me.

If you are interested in sponsoring API Evangelist, it is averaging 2K page views a day, but normally averages 5K a day when it is in full active mode. The Twitter account has 10K followers, and the audience is a pretty damn good representation of the API pie if I don't say so myself. It is a damn shame to squander what I've built over the last nine years just because I like to ride on a sparkly high horse. If I've learned anything during my time as the API Evangelist, it is that revenue drives ALL decisions. So get in on the action. Let me know what you are thinking, and I'll get to work adding your logo to the site, and turning on the other sponsorship opportunities. Ping me at [email protected] to get the ball rolling.