A Diverse API.json Index Example For Slack

My friend James Higginbotham had a really nice example of using APIs.json in a talk I saw him give the other day. It was one of those things that jumpstarted my desire to showcase different ways of using the machine readable API discovery format. I still use APIs.json heavily in my API discovery and search efforts, but not something I've been really good at maintaining as a spec, and telling stories about. I'm working to remedy this, so thanks to James I'm pulling different examples of how to use APIs.json from my research.

One example I wanted to use is out of Slack. So I pulled my most recent APIs.json index for Slack, and made sure it was updated with the latest building blocks, which included an OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, Postman collection, and JSON Schema. Providing a diverse example of how you can use APIs.json as an index for your API infrastructure. Slack has an OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and JSON Schema available on GitHub, but to round off the index I wanted to make sure there was also a Postman collection present.

First off, I am painfully reminded of the irony in the name of APIs.json coupled with the fact that I'm using YAML. I prefer the readability of YAML when it comes to storytelling, Beyond this, you can see I have two separate APIs indexed, along with a set of common building blocks of the operations supporting the two APIs. Demonstrating how APIs.json doesn't copete with OpenAPI, Postman collections, or AsyncAPI, it actually compliments it and provides a way of indexing multiple types of APIs that are working in concert.

I am working to update the APIs.json website, and put some more energy into the specification. You'll notice I use a lot of vendor extensions to reflect where I'd like to be going next with the API discovery format. Right now, I am just looking to showcase how it can be used as an index of your API operations. Next, I want to continue borrowing from my friend James, and add an ALPS profile for these APIs, going beyond describing the underlying objects that JSON Schema defines, and describing the capabilities of the Slack API. Adding another rich dimension to the Slack API index, providing a robust set of artifacts that can be used to discover, document, and integrate with the Slack API.