I Am Heading To Vegas For AWS re:Invent

I’m sitting in the Seattle airport waiting for my flight to Las Vegas. I’m heading to AWS re:Invent, spending the entire week talking everything APIs with the masses at the flagship conference. It is my 3rd time in Vegas for re:Invent, but my first time exhibiting with such a strong brand—Postman. Like years before, I will be there to talk to as many people as I can about how they are delivering APIs, and learning about the challenges they face when consuming APIs. However, this year I won’t just be there as a representative for API Evangelist—this year I am there to help also talk about the role Postman plays in the delivery and consumption of APIs.

To get fired up for the conference I’ve spent the last couple of weeks developing Postman collections for as many AWS APIs as I could—I had set 25 services as my target, and managed to a little more than 50 separate services defines as reference Postman collections. I learned a lot throughout the process, assisting me in loading up a whole lot of details about common AWS API infrastructure into my brain, helping me prime my brain for conversations I will be having at re:Invent. Helping not just think deeply about AWS services, but also how Postman can be used to work with AWS APIs.

These Postman reference collections are just the foundation for my API understanding, API conversations, and other ways of considering how AWS APIs impact how we deliver applications in the cloud. While the AWS Postman collections help jumpstart anyones usage of AWS, I’m also looking at how to use them to actually define, deploy, manage, and evolve APIs that operate on AWS. AWS APIs have long fascinated me, and have played a significant role in my evolution as the API Evangelist, In 2020 I’m still keen on learning from AWS as an API pioneer, but I am more interested in learning how we can automate and orchestrate across the API life cycle using AWS APIs.

If you are at re:Invent this week come on by the Postman booth in the exhibit hall. I will be there for the next five days engaging with folks coming by the booth to talk about everything APIs. I’d love to learn more about how you are using Postman, but I’m also interested in your overall API journey, and how you provide and consume APIs. I’d love to hear more about how you are using Postman and AWS as part of your API life cycle. I’d also like to learn what you are hoping to learn more about at AWS, and what new things you are looking to invest in when it comes to API operations—anything from serverless to Kubernetes. I won’t be speaking at AWS., or attending any sessions, so if you want to find me, the booth is where I’ll be--come on by and share your story!