A Postman Meetup This Tuesday In Seattle

I am all recovered from being at AWS re:Invent all week in Las Vegas, and gearing up for a Postman meetup in Seattle this Tuesday. I am stoked to be doing ane vent on my home turf, but I am aslo pretty happy with the lineup. I am going to be opening things off with a quick look at Postman collections, but then I have Tableau and NGINX giving some talks, and then a quick closing with a look at the Postman visualizer--here is the lineup for Tuesday nights goings on.

Postman API Collections

Kin Lane (@kinlane), Chief Evangelist @ Postman

You save your Postman requests as collections each day, but have you learned about all the ways in which collections can be applied? Let’s move beyond just reference collections for every endpoint in your API and making collections reflect the real world business use cases your APIs solve. Pushing your Postman collections to me more intuitive and useful for your developers, helping on-board them with the possibilities while also documenting what your APIs can do, providing portable, shareable, machine readable, and executable representations of what your APIs deliver.

How Tableau uses Postman to enable developers

Geraldine Zanolli a.k.a Gigi (@illonage) Developer Advocate @ Tableau

Tableau , well-known in the Business Intelligence industry for building great data visualizations, also offers a set of APIs and Developer Tools that allow developers to integrate, customize, automate, and extend Tableau to fit the specific needs of their organization. Learn how Tableau uses Postman to give developers an interface to do their first API request.

The NGINX API Gateway

Liam Crilly (@liamcrilly), Director of Product Management @ NGINX

APIs are changing the way we build applications and changing the way we expose data, both inside and outside our organizations. But what is the most efficient and effective way to deliver these APIs? That’s the job of the API gateway. In this session, we will look at different deployment patterns for API gateways, including: 

- The centralized, edge gateway 
- The multi-layer gateway 
- Microgateways, sidecars and service mesh  

We discuss how software architecture, deployment practices, and security governance all influence the selection of the most appropriate API gateway pattern.

Postman Visualizations

Kin Lane (@kinlane), Chief Evangelist @ Postman

Let’s explore Postman’s latest feature—visualizer. Don’t just view API responses in JSON or XML, and use the visualizer tool to leverage any JavaScript visualization library to render your API responses as HTML tables, lists, bar charts, heat maps, tag clouds, or any other visualization you can imagine. Spend some more time with Kin Lane for an introduction into how you can begin to visualize data returned from APIs, making your Postman collections much more visually pleasing, while also making them accessible to business users who aren’t afraid of getting downloading and putting Postman to work.

If you are in Seattle, come out and talk. I'll be sharing my first talk on Postman since joining the team. I'd love to hang out and talk APIs with you. I am hoping this is first of several API related events in Seattle. There is a lot of API related activity in the area, and I'm looking to get more in tune with where things are going. I look forward to seeing you all Tuesday evening--make sure and get registered, as we have limited space, and things are already filling up.